Replacement Kun Adjustment Knob

    Replacement Kun Adjustment Knob


    • It is a replacement for the nut.

    • This replacement part fits any Kun Original Shoulder Rest.

    • No need to replace a whole shoulder rest for a broken or lost part. Just replace the part!

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    Replacement Kun Adjustment Knob

    Nut for original shoulder rest (fits all junior, full-size, and viola rests). Replaceable nuts secure Original end members to the base member.

    • It is a replacement for the nut.
    • This replacement part fits any Kun Original Shoulder Rest.
    • No need to replace a whole shoulder rest for a broken or lost part. Just replace the part!

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    Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest

    The BonMusica Violin shoulder rest features a pliable metal base, allowing for a high degree of adjustment and a customizable fit. It is made in Germany.

    • Fits 4/4 Violin

    • Height and Width Adjustable

    • Padded Curved Adjustable Base for Precise Fit

    • Great For Players with Previous Injuries or Arthritis

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    Wittner Shoulder Rest ISNY

    Handcrafted from the finest grade-A ebony artistically designed for beauty and durability. This is for violins fitted with a Wittner Chin Rest. Please choose the other Wittner shoulder rest for conventional chin rests.

    • Universal adjustment possibilities

    • Central Mounting

    • No loss of sound

    • Dispersible in small parts

    • Hypo-allergenic

    • Ultra-light

    • Ergonomic design

    • Very flexible

    • Adaption to the shoulder

    • With a screwdriver included

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    Mach One, 3/4- 4/4 Size Violin With Hook

    The Mach One wooden shoulder rests beautifully hand-carved out of one piece of solid maple. The Mach One Hook is even more ergonomic than the original Mach One.

    • Beautifully hand-carved out of one-piece solid maple

    • Ergonomically designed hook to fit naturally on shoulders 

    • Stops the violin or viola from slipping down the chest

    • Attaching feet are moulded from a single piece of nylon and will not damage your instrument

    • Has the best quality nubuck leather pads

    • 5.5 mm thick

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    AcoustaGrip Concert Performer Shoulder Rest

    AcoustaGrip's Acoustical materials form the shape of your shoulder, allowing a greater range of motion and incredible comfort. 

    • It has no clamps that mute the sound

    • Increases volume, adds quality with more overtones

    • Comfortable, ergonomically designed, and will not fall off.

    • It gives a secure hold, attaches repeatedly

    • Sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to varnish, edges or back

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    Everest Violin Shoulder Rest

    EVEREST shoulder rests are designed in the US and manufactured with the finest material and workmanship.

    • Finest material and workmanship.

    • Ergonomically designed and patented collapsible shoulder rests

    • One-piece body integrated with adjustable leg height

    • Outstanding beauty and comfort

    • Five different brilliant colours to choose

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    AcoustaGrip Concert Thick Shoulder Rest

    The Concert Master Thick is ergonomically designed and sets the violin's position at the most favoured angle for sound projection and ease of performance.

    • Highest comfort

    • Improved sound

    • No damage to the instrument

    • Freedom of movement

    • They give great support for holding your violin with ultimate comfort.

    • No more sores, marks or shoulder pain!  

    • The Acousta Grip series fits 4/4, 3/4 and partly 1/2-size violins.

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    VLM Diamond Violin Shoulder Rest

    An ergonomically designed shoulder rest has been carved from a beautifully flamed Bosnian maple designed and made by Viva La Music Augustin in Slovenia.

    • For full-size violins

    • Extreme Light Weight. 

    • Flexible Metal End Members. 

    • Elegant Rubber Cover of the Feet.

    • Height and length can be adjusted.

    • 360 Degree Circular Lateral Adjustment.

    • Ergonomic Wooden Base Member Form. Beautiful Maple. 

    • Minimized contact with the violin ensures a better sound.

    • With an additional cleaning cloth.

    • Available in Dark or Light

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    Luna Shoulder Rest By Pirastro

    The ultimate in sound and comfort

    • Instantly comfortable ergonomic shape

    • Simple click system for easy and secure adjustments

    • It folds into an ultra-compact shape

    • Delivers outstanding freedom and integrity of sound

    • Custom-made and sound-optimized compound

    • Feather light (only 32 grams)

    • It fits violins from 3/4 to 4/4

    • With our trusted rubber feet and comfortable foam pads

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