Italian violins

Italian violins are renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. At Animato, we offer a selection of handcrafted Italian violins known for their rich, resonant tone and stunning visual appeal. These instruments are indeed works of art.

Italian violins

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Giuseppe Giacchetti 1933 Roma Violin

A violin labelled 'Giuseppe Giacchetti 1933 Roma'. However, the label has not been authenticated. This violin may be a copy of Giacchetti but the age is consistent with the appearance (1930's).

$11,363.64 Price

Domenico Fantin Violin 1971, Varese Italy

We have here the Domenico Fantin Violin made in Varese, Italy 1971. Domenico Fantin’s instruments are played in major European and American orchestras. Great soloists like Yehudi Menuhin purchased one of his violins in 1969, and Uto Ughi, who owns two of his instruments.

$15,000.00 Price

Gaetano Pareschi Violin 1948 (I13)

Check out this Gaetano Pareschi Violin made in 1948. This violin is one of the prolific output of award-winning Italian luthier Gaetano Pareschi that spanned 50 years, from 1924-1974. 

$35,000.00 Price

Copie de Nikolaus Amatus Violin 1636

This is a copy of Nikolaus Amatus's violin made in 1636 with a label. Nicola Amati was a master luthier born in 1596, in Cremona Italy. He came from a family of luthiers but was considered the most famous luthier in their clan.

$3,000.00 Price

Italian Copy of Geovanni Schwarz Violin c 1920

Check out the Italian Copy of Geovanni Schwarz violin made about 1920. Geovanni Schwarz was born in 1865 in Padua, Italy who by the influence and tutelage of his uncle Eugenio Degani honed his skills, established his own workshop, and won a gold medal in 1916 in Rome Italy.

$13,636.36 Price

Orfeo Carletti Violin 1932 (I14)

We have here the Orfeo Carletti Violin made in 1932. Orfeo Carletti is an Italian violin maker who opened a workshop together with his father and brother in Bologna. 

$25,000.00 Price


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