Hoffmeister, 3 Duos Op. 6 For Violin And Viola (Amadeus)

Franz Van Hoffmeister's 3 Duos Opus 6 for Violin and Viola, published by Amadeus, is a delightful collection of well-balanced classical pieces. Each duo is a masterful blend of melody, harmony, and rhythm, written in an elegant and sophisticated style. The publication is of high quality, with clear notation that makes it easy to play. Overall, a valuable addition to any musician's repertoire.

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Hoffmeister, Concerto In D For Viola (Kunzelmann)

Hoffmeister's Viola Concerto in D Major is a vital piece for viola concertos. It's popular due to the rarity of virtuosic viola concertos from the Classical period and the emergence of virtuoso violists in the early 20th century. It's often included in major auditions and competitions. This document provides violists with ways to perform this piece and other works from the Classical era.

Hoffmeister's Viola Concerto in D Major is published by G. Henle Verlag, Kunzelmann, Peters, Kalmus, International Music Company, H. L. Grahl, and Max Eschig. Kunzelmann has the full score and piano reduction, while the others have only piano reductions. Seven cadenzas are available, each with unique technical challenges.

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Hoffmeister, Duo In B♭ Major Op.13 Nr.4 For Violin And Viola

Hoffmeister's "Duo in B-flat Major, Op. 13, No. 4" is a popular classical composition for violin and viola. The piece has three movements: Allegro Moderato, Adagio, and Rondo Allegretto. Hoffmeister was a German composer and music publisher known for his extensive work on the flute. He created over 25 concertos and chamber works for the flute, considering Vienna's growing number of amateur musicians. He also composed eight operas, over 50 symphonies, several concertos, a vast amount of string chamber music, piano music, and collections of songs.

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Hoffmeister, Studies For Viola (IMC)

Franz Anton Hoffmeister was a renowned German composer who worked during the Classical period. He composed many musical works, including chamber music, flutes, operas, symphonies, concertos, and more. Among his most well-known works is the Studies for Viola, which violists still use today. Hoffmeister also created a significant amount of work for the flute, including over 25 concertos and chamber works. His compositions were intended for the growing number of amateur musicians in Vienna, where the flute was popular. Aside from these works, Hoffmeister also composed eight operas, over 50 symphonies, a viola concerto, string chamber music, piano music, and collections of songs.

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