Telemann, Georg Philipp

Georg Philipp Telemann was a German composer of the late Baroque period. He was greatly praised for his church compositions. Telemann was the son of a Protestant minister and was well educated in general but never learned music. Although he displayed great musical talents at a young age, his family prevented him from becoming an attractive, unpaid artist at the period. However, through his training, he learned excellent writing and performing musical instruments such as violin, recorder, oboe, viola da gamba, chalumeau, and keyboard. He acquired the musical expertise, functional experience, and composition facility he took on the musical path of Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg, which was necessary for his performing, directing, learning, and composing. Telemann was the musical director of two churches in Frankfurt and was responsible for the region's official music. He also reorganized the college of music and gave public concerts with the party, as in Leipzig. Telemann began publishing music in Frankfurt, which made him not only famous in Germany but also abroad. He offered musical materials to the five major churches, directed the Hamburg Opera as Musical Director, one of the most excellent musical roles at the time, and worked as a singer at the esteemed charitable college in Hamburg, the Jobanneum, and he has also been a music tutor.

Viola Compositions of Georg Philipp Telemann | Animato Strings

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