Cassadó, Gaspar

Gaspar Cassadó was a Spanish composer and cellist renowned for his masterpieces, including Requiebros and the Green Devil's Dance. As a cellist, Cassado was more formal and honorable than flamboyant in his approach.  He was a successful musician, and his compositions are still performed today. In 1964, Cassado debuted six unpublished Boccherini's cello sonatas and played them on a Strad cello, which the composer once owned. Gaspar Cassadó was an outstanding cello virtuoso and composer. We cellists enjoy playing his Requiebros and Dance of the Green Devil as encore bits. Cassadó was the first cellist to play using steel strings rather than gut strings, in an effort to improve the cello's sonority. He developed a fingerboard that could be scaled up or down to accommodate for variations in bridge height, which can be very difficult to cope with due to weather changes. The majority of cellists have two bridges, one for the winter and the other for the season. Cassadó wrote approximately 70 cello and piano transcriptions, including my own favorites, Requiebros and Intermezzo from Enrique Granados' opera Goyescas. Three string quartets, several piano compositions, a violin sonata, a cello sonata, several guitar parts, the ensemble job Rapsodia Catalana, and the brilliant Suite for Cello Solo were among Cassadó's other works.

Cello Compositions of Gaspar Cassadó | Animato Strings


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