Bows come basically in two main different versions, one version is made of timber and the other one is made of carbon fibre. In our opinion, good timber bows are particularly beautiful in terms of producing a rich sound whereas carbon fibre bows are generally very good in Technical aspects. Carbon fibre bows are also very good and terms of sound if the instrument needs more clarity. If an instrument sounds very bright then timber bows will produce a more beautiful sound. A really good timber bow will be good both in terms of sound and technique. A really good carbon fibre bow will also be good and terms of technic and sound. To achieve the same technical quality that comes with a good carbon fibre bow, timber bows are usually more expensive to achieve the same technical quality. What we have found here is that good carbon fibre bows work particularly well with violas - all levels. Violas have a broad sound. The carbon fibre bow helps the viola to add clarity and projection.


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