Cello Stands

Cello Stand and Bow Hanger | Animato Strings

Beam Auto Grab Cello Stand

Beam's cello stand has an automatic grip mechanism for secure placement.

• Adjustable height

• Three retractable legs

• Automatic grip mechanism

• Convenient transportation 

$81.77 Price

Cello Gard Foldable With Bag

Tipping a cello is common and can happen to anyone. But with celloGard, you can feel secure and confident.

• Soft neoprene sleeves

• Convenient storage case

• Adjustable and collapsible in seconds

• Optimal protection against accidental damage

$36.36 Price

R.C. Stand and Stool - Cello (special order only)

R.C. Stand and Stool - Cello (special order only)

This cello stand chair is made from safe and durable materials with an innovative interlocking design for easy assembly. 

• 1" thick foam seat: very comfortable.

• Rubber-coated edges protect your cello.

• Made of durable, exterior-grade medium-density fiberboard that is free of formaldehyde.

• The interlocking design ensures maximum rigidity and strength.

• It holds approximately 226kg

• Easy to assemble and disassemble.

• The interlocking design provides maximum rigidity and strength.

• The distance between the floor and the top of the seat on the Cello Stand measures 45.5 cm.

• Made in the U.S.A.

$281.82 Price


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