Schubert, Franz

Franz Schubert is regarded as one of the first romantic composers and the last of the classical composers. The rhythm and harmony in Schubert's music are noteworthy. He got a comprehensive musical education and was awarded a boarding school scholarship. Despite never having become wealthy, the composer's work received appreciation and success as a bridge between classical and romantic composition. In 1828, he died in Vienna, Austria.

Viola Compositions of Franz Schubert | Animato Strings

Schubert, Arpeggione Sonata D 821 For Viola ( Henle)

Schubert, Arpeggione Sonata D 821 for Viola ( Henle) This piece was published in 1871 and is most commonly performed by Violin, Viola, Cello and Classical Guitar, however can sometimes be performed by Flute and Clarinet. It is a well known work of Schubert. Henle Edition.

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