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Cellos up to $2000

Entry-level priced cellos are about 3 to 4 times more expensive than entry-level priced violins. It is not a surprise that many parents look for second-hand cellos to reduce the cost. This is perfectly fine, as long as the second-hand instrument was originally purchased from a string instrument specialist store.

Some people are tempted to buy very inexpensive cellos from auction sites to get away with a smaller expense. Regrettably, in most cases, such inexpensive cellos become a 'work of art' that is fine to be looked at but not suitable to be played on.

Cellos Up To $2000 | Animato Strings

Second Hand Cellos - all sizes

Please call us on 07 3876 3877 to confirm stock.

Please note that Second-Hand prices are often higher, depending on the level of the cello and also on the quality of the fitted strings. The price of $695 is for entry-level cellos with basic strings. Sizes 1/4 to 3/4 are usually available. However, in January, second-hand cellos are sold out quickly. You have the option to upgrade to a new bow and/or a second-hand or new semi-hard case for better protection. Otherwise, the cello outfit would be delivered to the closest Greyhound bus stop or Premier Motor Service bus stop. The customer would need to meet the bus. We have done this often, and it works usually seamlessly.

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Arco Cello Outfit

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