Cellos up to $2000

Entry-level priced cellos are about 3 to 4 times more expensive than entry-level priced violins. It is not a surprise that many parents look for second-hand cellos to reduce the cost. This is perfectly fine, as long as the second-hand instrument was originally purchased from a string instrument specialist store.

Some people are tempted to buy very inexpensive cellos from auction sites to get away with a smaller expense. Regrettably, in most cases, such inexpensive cellos become a 'work of art' that is fine to be looked at but not suitable to be played on.

Cellos Up To $2000 | Animato Strings

Second-Hand Cellos - several sizes

These second-hand cellos are subject to availability. 

Please call us on 07 3876 3877 to confirm stock before ordering a second-hand cello online. 

This offer is for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes only - not for full-size cellos since they are hard to come by (second-hand) at this entry-level pricing.

Please note that Second-Hand prices can vary, depending on the level of the cello and also on the quality of the fitted strings. The price of $795 is for entry-level cellos with basic strings. Sizes 1/4 to 3/4 are usually available.

However, in January, second-hand cellos sell out quickly.

You can optionally upgrade the strings to Aurora Strings, made by Larsen, and/or the bow (to a new bow).

$722.73 Price
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Arco Cello Outfit

Coupon Code: SAVE15
Use this code at the end of the check-out procedure. This will reduce the amount by 15% to $997.05

Cello Outfit with a Great Sound but a Low Price - $997.05 for all sizes

> From a SPECIALIST Violin Store!
> Lowest Price in Australia from a Specialist Store
> Included: Cello, Padded Bag, Bow, new Rosin
> Available in all sizes
> Free Shipping to the nearest Greyhound or Premier Motor Bus Depot
> Upgrade option to a semi-hard case
> Upgrade option to Aurora strings, made by Larsen
> 100% Money-Back Guarantee

$1,066.36 Price

Arco Cello Outfit with a Semi Hard Cello Case on Special

Included in the Arco Cello Outfit with a Semi-Hard Cello Case on Special:

• semi-hard case, as shown in the above photo

• Good Entry Level Bow

• Rosin

• Genuine ebony Fingerboard

• Genuine Ebony Pegs 

• Carbon Fiber Tailpiece with integrated fine tuners

Please choose a rock stop and A string Upgrade separately if you need.

If you can receive the cello case through the Greyhound bus line- Free shipping and other shipping methods will incur an extra charge depending on the Postcode and shipping method

$1,143.91Regular price $1,340.91 Price

Capriccio Cello Outfit

Coupon Code: SAVE15
Use the code at the end of the check-out procedure. This will reduce the amount by 15% to $1995.00! 

Capriccio Cello Outfit with Free Shipping to Nearest Bus Depot. This outfit includes a basic cello set , a basic cello bow and a soft case. However, consider upgrading the case to either a semi-hard or hard-shelled case, as it will keep the cello much safer.

$2,133.64 Price

Samuel Eastman VC150 Cello

Outstanding Features of Samuel Eastman VC150 Cello:

• Hand-carved from solid tonewoods.

• Spruce top and maple back, laminated ribs

• Solid ebony fittings

• Attractive and durable amber-brown varnish

• Outstanding tone and playability

• Currently available in full size

• It comes with a soft bag, bow and rosin

$1,908.18 Price


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