Arco Cello Outfit

    Arco Cello Outfit

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    Cello Outfit with a Great Sound but a Low Price - $997.05 for all sizes

    > From a SPECIALIST Violin Store!
    > Lowest Price in Australia from a Specialist Store
    > Included: Cello, Padded Bag, Bow, new Rosin
    > Available in all sizes
    > Free Shipping to the nearest Greyhound or Premier Motor Bus Depot
    > Upgrade option to a semi-hard case
    > Upgrade option to Aurora strings, made by Larsen
    > 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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    Arco Cello Outfit

    The Arco Cello comes in all sizes with a solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides. A complete set-up in our onsite workshop ensures ease of playing and enjoyment. Our professional set-up includes planning the fingerboard, fitting the pegs, cutting/fitting a bridge, adjusting/replacing the sound post and much more! A perfect instrument as an affordable entry-level cello with a remarkable sound. 


    • Padded Soft Bag
    • Good Entry Level Bow
    • Rosin
    • Genuine ebony Fingerboard
    • Genuine Ebony Pegs 
    • Carbon Fiber Tailpiece with integrated fine tuners

    All new instruments are covered by a full-year warranty.

    Please choose the size with the option to upgrade to a semi-hard case.

    The 1/4 size Deluxe Case is the 1/2 size case with foam blocks; the same applies to the 3/4 case, which is the 4/4 deluxe case with foam blocks.

    The deluxe case upgrade is unavailable for 1/8 and 1/16 size cellos.

    Please note that our Free Shipping policy for a cello is only available when you pick it up from the nearest Greyhound bus depot or when you meet the bus if there is no depot. Free shipping for cellos does not apply to Tasmania and Western Australia orders. Please get in touch with us for shipping cost information. Thank you!

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    Capriccio Cello Outfit

    Coupon Code: SAVE15
    Use the code at the end of the check-out procedure. This will reduce the amount by 15% to $1995.00! 

    Capriccio Cello Outfit with Free Shipping to Nearest Bus Depot. This outfit includes a basic cello set , a basic cello bow and a soft case. However, consider upgrading the case to either a semi-hard or hard-shelled case, as it will keep the cello much safer.

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    Samuel Eastman VC150 Cello

    Outstanding Features of Samuel Eastman VC150 Cello:

    • Hand-carved from solid tonewoods.

    • Spruce top and maple back, laminated ribs

    • Solid ebony fittings

    • Attractive and durable amber-brown varnish

    • Outstanding tone and playability

    • Currently available in full size

    • It comes with a soft bag, bow and rosin

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    Second-Hand Cellos - several sizes

    These second-hand cellos are subject to availability. 

    Please call us on 07 3876 3877 to confirm stock before ordering a second-hand cello online. 

    This offer is for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes only - not for full-size cellos since they are hard to come by (second-hand) at this entry-level pricing.

    Please note that Second-Hand prices can vary, depending on the level of the cello and also on the quality of the fitted strings. The price of $795 is for entry-level cellos with basic strings. Sizes 1/4 to 3/4 are usually available.

    However, in January, second-hand cellos sell out quickly.

    You can optionally upgrade the strings to Aurora Strings, made by Larsen, and/or the bow (to a new bow).

    $722.73 Price

    Arco Cello Outfit with a Semi Hard Cello Case on Special

    Included in the Arco Cello Outfit with a Semi-Hard Cello Case on Special:

    • semi-hard case, as shown in the above photo

    • Good Entry Level Bow

    • Rosin

    • Genuine ebony Fingerboard

    • Genuine Ebony Pegs 

    • Carbon Fiber Tailpiece with integrated fine tuners

    Please choose a rock stop and A string Upgrade separately if you need.

    If you can receive the cello case through the Greyhound bus line- Free shipping and other shipping methods will incur an extra charge depending on the Postcode and shipping method

    $1,143.91Regular price $1,340.91 Price
    By on 04 Aug. 2014 (Arco Cello Outfit) :

    Amazing Sound

    This cello is beautiful in shape, size and sound. No one could ever dislike this crazily perfect cello. Animato is a great store and the staff members are so helpful and truthful, no other store can compare!

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