Timber Viola Bows over $2000

Paesold PA366 Viola Bow

Paesold PA366 Viola Bow Product Features:

• Pernambuco stick

• Two-part full-lined pure silver-mounted ebony wood frog

• Parisian eye

• Round brazilwood stick

• 3-ring Half-lined nickel-silver button with an eye

• Leather thumb grip

• Pure silver wire wrapping.

$2,318.18 Price

European Viola Bows

European Viola Bows - We constantly have new stock showing up, but we always make sure we have some European bows for our customers to try out.  Please come in and test them out.

$7,272.73 Price

Dorfler Viola Bow - 26 Ligne Bohème

The Ligne Bohème product line is designed in the style of old French masters. 

• First-class Pernambuco stick

• Round or octagon

• Sartory head

• Mammoth tip

• Selected Sartory ebony frog with Parisian eye

$5,191.36 Price


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