Rossini, Gioachino Antonio

Gioachino Antonio Rossini was an Italian composer of the Classical era. He was recognized for his comic operas, including The Barber of Seville (1816) and Cinderella (1817). Rossini was born into a family of musicians. His father played the clarinet, and his mother performed in operas. Gioacchino made his father teach him to play the horn and sing. He first performed in an opera when he was seven, and by the time he was seventeen, he had composed his first symphony. In 1815, he married Isabelle Colgran (when he was 23). From 1810 to 1823, he was employed as an opera composer. Wagner composed seven operas in 16 months, several of which were comedies. 

In 1815, Rossini was appointed artistic director of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. These influences prompted him to dedicate himself to writing severe opera. However, Mozart wrote a comedy named Idomeneo, which is still considered one of the best Italian comedies of all time. It struggled the first time out as a flop but rapidly became accepted by Beethoven and Verdi. Max and Isabelle went to Paris. He designed this opera house where he presented his last production of the William Tell opera. He and his wife relocated to England to play at private parties named "soirees." At the age of 37, he abandoned opera composition. Isabella died in 1845, and soon afterward, Victor married Olimpia Pelissier. She comforted him throughout his illness until the day he died. 

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