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Black Music Stand

It works well where you need to save space when not practising at home.

• Adjustable and flexible

• Collapsible metal tripod support legs

• Portable and Lightweight

• Unique 2 in 1 Dual Design

$27.23 Price

Color Music Stand- Pink/Purple/Blue

• Easy storage and portability

• Spring-loaded trigger release

• Fold-out extensions and a six-point hinge system

• Two-section vertical shaft with cam locking clutch

• Tilting bookplate

• Adjustable stand for sitting and standing positions

$33.59 Price

Nickel Music Stand- Germany

Works well where you need to save space when not practising at home.

• Music Stand Nickel

• Sheet music desk

• Profile legs with braces

• Traditionally collapsible

• Nickel metal stand

• Made in Germany

$39.95 Price

Ravel Folding Desktop Music Stand

• Rest on any flat surface

• Great for desks, studios, tables, offices, bell choirs, etc.

• Rubber foot pad 

• Completely adjustable for proper angle setting, includes carrying bag

$36.32 Price

Music Stand - Heavy Duty

A heavy-duty music stand for home or music teaching studio. 

• Tripod Base

• Page Stays

• Collapsible for Travel or Easy Storage

• Heavy-Duty Tubular Frame

• Music Desk is Fully Adjustable

• Height Adjustable 90-136 cm

• Includes Display Carton

**** Please note: The volume is relatively significant, so extra delivery charges depend on the Postcode. So don't hesitate to contact us before ordering or leave the contact details so we can call you before dispatch.

$63.59 Price

Konig & Meyer, 3 Section Music Stand 10062

K&M Music Stand 10062 is perfect for orchestras, school bands, and musicians demanding stability while reading music.

 • Adjustable height

• High-quality Finish

• Extremely Durable

• Three Piece Telescopic Design

• Steel frame and rubber end caps for an extra stable base

• Expandable desk

• Designed with the highest standards

• Collapsible for easy transportation

• Eco-friendly resource materials

**Shipping Cost may be Extra depending on location - pls call to confirm cost 07 3876 3877

$180.86 Price

Manhasset Symphony Music Stand

An Ideal stand for individual musicians, orchestras, and school bands that demand high quality and durability.

• One of the most durable and longest-lasting music stands ever made.

• No-knob friction-tilt neck delivers constant tension at any tilt position, making it easy and automatic.

• Heavy-gauge, all-steel welded base provides excellent stability and requires minimum space on stage risers or in storage.

• Solid-brass bearings, greaseless heavy-duty chrome inner shaft, and the original "Magic Finger Clutch" provides a one-hand friction grip.

• Secure at any height, even with a heavy load of music.

$131.82 Price

Manhasset Colour Music Stand

Manhasset is known for creating long-lasting, and the most durable music stands.

• Bright colours with premium construction

• Durable structure

• Fully Adjustable 

• Highly Reliable when it comes to stability and functionality

• Ready for any performance

$145.45 Price

Manhasset Orchestral Double Lip Music Stand

Made in the USA, Orchestral Stands feature accessory shelves and Manhasset durability. 

• Excellent construction that is durable and long-lasting

• Can be adjusted easily

• Solid and durable structure

• Resists chipping and scratches

• Convenient without compromising stability

$159.09 Price

Manhasset Voyager Concertino Portable Music Stand

Manhasset voyager concertino music stand is one of the longest-lasting, most durable music stand.

• A shorter version of the symphony stand with a vertical extension of 16 inches to 28 inch

• Ideal for stage bands, guitarists, cellists, chamber ensembles and seated musicians

• One of the longest-lasting, most durable music stands

• Professional look and quality due to its black powdered coating

• Excellent base stability

• Requires minimum space on stage risers or in storage

Colour: Black.

$154.55 Price

Manhasset Tall Music Stand

A taller version of the symphony Stand, with a vertical extension of 38" to 60" (lip to floor), with a maximum overall height of 72 1/2 inches. 

• Made of premium quality materials

• Durable and can withstand wear and tear

• Easy adjustments through Manhasset’s Magic Finger Clutch 

• This taller version of the Symphony stand offers more convenience

• Reliable in any performance environment

$159.09 Price


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