Marcello Range of Violins

The Marcello Range of Violins offers high-quality instruments for both beginner and advanced violinists. Handcrafted with precision, these violins provide exceptional sound quality and playability at an affordable price. Made from solid spruce and maple, they produce a rich and resonant sound. Available in various sizes, these violins cater to players of all ages and skill levels. With beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Marcello Range offers a fantastic combination of quality, playability, and affordability.

Marcello Range of Violins

G Marcello Violin Outfit

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The G Marcello Violin Outfit includes:

* Upgraded Strings (Obligato or Evah Pirazzi)

* Rosin

* Good Standard Bow

* Good Standard Case

Setup & Warranty:

This instrument has been set up by Animato, and it has a 12-month warranty.

$2,267.05 Price

Marcello Violin Outfit

The Marcello violin outfit includes:

• Upgraded Strings (Il Canone Solo by Larsen for the 4/4 size and Evah Pirazzi for the smaller sizes)

* Titanium/ebony chin rest

• Very good Rosin

• Good Standard Bow

• Oblong case

Setup & Warranty:

Animato has set up this instrument and it has one year warranty.

$1,699.09 Price

Giuseppe Marcello Violin Outfit

The Giuseppe Marcello Violin Outfit Includes:

• Good Standard Bow

• Good Standard Case

• Good Rosin

Setup & Warranty:

• This instrument has been set up by Animato and enjoys a full-year warranty.

$3,633.64 Price


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