Berkeley, Lennox

Lennox Berkeley was a British composer. The earlier music of Berkeley is mainly tonal, inspired by Stravinsky's neoclassical music. A friendly and pleasant association of Berkeley with composers including Ravel and Poulenc and his works with Boulanger in Paris gives his music a 'French' character that has been shown by his focus on harmony, lucid rhythms, and preciseness.

Among his most significant works are the Divertimento (1943), an exceptionally polished orchestral piece, and Piano Sonata (1945), revealing his subtle application of harmony. He is also renowned for his many sacred vocal songs, such as the Stabat Mater (1947), and composed for Britten's English Opera Group. He also composed pieces for specific performers, including guitarist Julian Bream and oboist Janet Craxton. He wrote several operas, such as Nelson (1954) and Ruth (1956). His later works, including Sonatina (1962) and his Symphony No. 4 (1978), utilize atonality.

Cello Compositions of Lennox Berkeley | Animato Strings


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