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Beethoven, Ludwig van

As a German pianist and composer, Ludwig van Beethoven was generally recognized as one of the greatest artistic geniuses of all time. He mixed voices and instruments in his groundbreaking works, extending the sonata, symphony, quartet, and concerto spectrum. Ludwig van Beethoven is the incredibly impactful figure linking Western music's Classical and Romantic periods. A battle against deafness characterized Beethoven's personal life, and several of his most significant compositions were written over the last ten years of his life, although he was somewhat unable to hear them. At the age of 56, he passed.

A 19-year-old Beethoven got the enormous honor of writing a musical homage in his name when the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II died in 1790. Beethoven's composition was never completed for motives that remain unexplained, and most believed the young composer had proved inadequate to the job. However, Johannes Brahms learned more than a century later that Beethoven had already written a "beautiful and noble" piece of music entitled Cantata on Emperor Joseph II's Burial. It is still deemed his most delicate masterpiece.

Viola Compositions of Ludwig van Beethoven | Animato Strings


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