Wohlfahrt, Franz

Franz Wohlfahrt is a German violin teacher. He was born in Leipzig, Germany, where Heinrich Wohlfahrt, his father, was a piano teacher. Franz Wohlfahrt has written a series of etudes, Op. 45, 60 Studies for Violin, which are among the first compositions studied by violists and violinists starters. 

Viola Compositions of Franz Wohlfahrt | Animato Strings

Wohlfahrt 60 Studies Op. 45 Bk 1 for Viola (IMC)

This is a classic edition of Wohlfahrt's Op. 45 Studies for Violin (Book I) with fresh violin accompaniments for the teacher or student to play. It's ideal for early intermediate players looking for a great first etude book. The accompaniments make technical study fun and collaborative, providing an enjoyable introduction to ensemble playing. Playing in a duet helps students improve intonation and listening skills while the teacher coaches them on ensemble playing. The accompaniments also allow the teacher to guide the student nonverbally on phrasing, dynamics, and tempo through their playing.

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Wohlfahrt 60 Studies Op. 45 Bk 2 for Viola (IMC)

Wohlfahrt's Op. 45 studies are essential for viola players. Joseph Vieland transcribed and edited this edition for solo viola, published by the International Music Company. The studies cover techniques such as string crossing, bow-strokes, shifting, and finger patterns. Difficulty level: A4/A5. Note: This is for VIOLA and Book 2 only contains etudes 31 through 60.

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Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies Bk 2 with DVD For Viola (Fischer)

Franz Wohlfahrt, Foundation Studies for the Viola. Book 2. 42 Studies (From Opp. 45 and 74). Selected and Arranged by K. H. Aqouni. Ed. by Rachel Barton Pine with DVD performance by Matthew Lipman. Pub. Carl Fischer.

This new edition of Franz Wohlfahrt's Foundation Studies for the Viola is essential to a student's progressive repertoire. It includes extended bowing suggestions, dynamics, and advice on approaching the Foundation Studies. Additionally, it comes with a DVD featuring all Etudes performed by Matthew Lipman and listening tracks (MP3) for all. The publication is available from Carl Fischer.

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