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Solos for the Double Bass by Francois Rabbath

Francois Rabbath's "Solos for the Double Bass" book includes a collection of eleven different solos, ranging in length from one to six pages. You can find them at the ISB store. The book features an engraved edition with the composer's biography, and it includes eleven of Rabbath's most famous works, such as "Poucha Dass," "Ibérique Péninsuliare," "Equation," "Ode D'Espagne," and more.

Table of Contents:

1. Breiz

2. Iberique Peninsulaire

3. Equation

4. Poucha Dass

5. Kobolds

6. Papa Georges

7. Sete Quate

8. Ode D'espagne

9. Concerto in One Part

10. Creasy Course

11. Lise

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String Tunes for Double Bass incl. CD

Samuel Applebaum compiled a collection of melodies to help his students learn to play their instruments. These songs are arranged in a progressive order, starting from the first three notes that students learn and progressing to the end of level one in most method books. The melodies can be played as solos or in unison with other string instruments. Michael Katz produced an accompaniment CD with traditional, jazz, and rock styles to motivate students to practice and perform for their friends and family.

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