Sammartini, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Sammartini, also known as the "London Sammartini," is an Italian composer and oboist. His most notable work is the Concerto in F for recorder, strings, and continuo. Giuseppe Sammartini is generally regarded as one of the most influential composers during his time. In this manner, the actor can handle more than two instruments like the flute. Despite the preparation he did with his favorite oboe, he did little and less with it. Sammartini was born in Milan, the son of a French artist and older brother of the better-known composer Giovanni Battista Sammartini. Young Giuseppe undoubtedly acquired his performing skills from his aunt, and in 1711 these two brothers made their first appearance with an orchestra.

Giuseppe composed the Oboe Concerto in 1717 when he was 21 years old. Giuseppe and Giovanni were members of a Milan orchestra, and in 1720, they became an instrument of the Ducal Theater Orchestra of that city. In 1729, Giuseppe left Italy for Brussels before traveling to London, where he would live for most of his working career. He became well-known as a prolific composer because of his 12 Trio Sonatas' publication in 1727. However, it was his skill on the oboe that gave him popularity in London. Sammartini appeared in Handel's ensemble and collaborated in several Handel operas, including Arminio, which played a significant role. In 1736, Sammartini joined the Prince Frederick of Wales's service in England and died during the week of November 17, 1750, at the house of the Prince.

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