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Mazas, Studies Op. 36 Bk 1 For Violin (Peters)

Jacques Féréol Mazas (1782-1849) was a French composer, conductor, and violinist renowned for his exceptional teaching skills. He composed the 75 Études mélodiques et progressives, Op. 36, which is considered essential pedagogical material for young violin students. The first 30 etudes, known as Études spéciales, teach crucial skills such as position changes, bowing, finger techniques, and ornaments while emphasizing musicality and expressive abilities.

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Flying Fingers For Violin By Jennifer Thorp

Flying Fingers is a book by Jenny Thorp that teaches third and second positions for violin players. It uses enjoyable tunes to train technique effectively, from simple shifts to complex ones. Suitable for any violin student ready to tackle shifting, it offers a comprehensive understanding of the skills needed to play confidently in the first three positions.

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Seybold, New Violin Study School Opus 182 Volume 5 (Simrock)

New Violin Study School, op. 182 Vol.5 by Arthur Simrock is a comprehensive guide to help violinists improve their skills. The book includes a set of carefully selected studies arranged progressively to challenge players in the third position and studies that combine the first and third positions. It is published by Simrock and has 44 pages. The book features celebrated studies by renowned composers such as Bach, Paganini, and Mozart, among others, progressively arranged for students or virtuosos.

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Dont, Etudes Caprices Op. 35 for Solo Violin (IMC)

Jakob Dont's 24 Etudes & Caprices is a well-known resource for advanced violin education. Aspiring violinists typically study Dont's Opus 35 after completing Kreutzer's 42 Etudes and before moving on to the Paganini Caprices. These exercises and pieces are specifically designed to improve technique and are exclusively for violinists. The book is edited by Ivan Galamian and published by International Music.

Jakob Dont, an Austrian violinist, composer, and teacher, was born in Vienna on March 2, 1815. He is known for his innovative teaching compositions and played solo in the Wiener Hofkappele. Dont passed away on November 17, 1888, in Vienna.

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Dont, 24 Studies Op. 37 for Solo Violin (IMC)

The music is called 24 Studies, Op. 37 by Jakob Dont. Ivan Galamian edited the 35-page instructional book, which includes standard notation, bowings, and fingerings. International Music Co. publishes the book with reference number IM.2378, measuring 9x12 inches. It's a preparatory book for those wanting to study the Kreutzer and Rode Studies.

Jakob Dont, an Austrian violinist, composer, and teacher, was born in Vienna on March 2, 1815. He is known for his innovative teaching compositions and played solo in the Wiener Hofkappele. Dont passed away on November 17, 1888, in Vienna.

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Kayser, 36 Studies Op. 20 for Violin (Peters)

Heinrich Ernst Kaysler's 36 Elementary and Progressive Studies, Op. 20, is one of beginner violinists' most important study books. It offers a wide range of bowing, shifting and fingering techniques that form a strong foundation for more advanced technical books like Kreutzer and Kreisler. The classic Edition Peters printing is designed for practical use and printed on cream paper with optimal weight, opacity and grain direction for music publications.

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Kayser, 36 Elementary Progressive Studies Opus 20 for Violin (Schirmer)

Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation or an advanced player seeking to refine your skills, the Kayser, Heinrich Ernst - 36 Elementary and Progressive Studies, Op 20 (Complete) - Violin is the ultimate resource. This edition guarantees your growth as a violinist with its comprehensive approach, progressive structure, and expert editing. Invest in your musical development today and unlock your full potential with the Kayser, Heinrich Ernst - 36 Elementary Progressive Studies Opus 20 for Violin (Schirmer)

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Dont, 24 Etudes and Caprices for Violin Op. 35 (Schirmer)

Jakob Dont, a Viennese violin pedagogue, wrote the 24 "Études et Caprices", Op. 35, which are violin solos without accompaniment and are considered essential classics. Published in 1880, the pieces consist of 48 pages and are edited by H. Berkley at a very advanced level. The etudes have been reworked by violinists such as Carl Flesch, Max Rostal, and Ivan Galamian in numerous new editions throughout the twentieth century.

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Frost, String Techniques for Superior Musical Performance

This book is a comprehensive guide for intermediate-level students to develop excellent left and right-hand techniques. It includes three sections covering technique, tone, tuning, major and minor keys, etudes, and bowing style. The book offers a variety of enjoyable repertoire and exercises, such as scales, chorales, and classical pieces, to keep students engaged and motivated. Its primary goal is to help students establish a strong foundation in technique, resulting in excellent musical performances and opening up a vast literature world. Whether you teach in a classroom or a private studio, this book is an ideal resource to enhance your students' skills.


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