Mendelssohn, Felix

Felix Mendelssohn was a German composer of the Romantic era. In 18xx, Mendelssohn's family moved to Berlin, where he learned the piano with Ludwig Berger and composition with Carl Friedrich Zelter. Another professor taught the Mendelssohn children literature and landscape painting so that Mendelssohn's ideas were widely cultivated at an early age. His nature was nurtured by an extensive knowledge of the arts and inspired by studying and learning. He went to Paris with his sister, where he learned more about piano and became acquainted with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music. He composed the Overture to a 'Midsummer Night's Dream' and established the Conservatory of Music in Leipzig. His other compositions include symphonies, concertos, piano music, organ music, and chamber music.

Cello Compositions of Felix Mendelssohn | Animato Strings


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