Popper, 40 Studies for Cello Op. 73 (Ricordi)

David Popper, a contemporary of Liszt and Brahms, composed the "40 Studies" to help cellists improve their technique. These studies are essential for intermediate to advanced cellists to develop arm muscles, finger agility, and bowing techniques. Popper wrote them while teaching at the Royal Conservatory in Budapest in the late 1890s and first published them between 1901-05.

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Popper, High School of Cello Playing Op. 73 (Schirmer)

David Popper's virtuosic etudes were initially composed to assist cellists in mastering the most challenging techniques found in classical music. Even today, they are considered a rite of passage for the most dedicated cello students. These etudes are published by G. Schirmer and are classified as ASTA Grade 5 in terms of difficulty.

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