Tartini, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Tartini was an Italian composer of the Baroque era. He was recognized for the "Devil's Trill" violin sonata. Violinist and composer Tartini added much to the growth of acoustic theory, the virtuoso concerto and solo. He has primarily concentrated on Padua, where he has earned foreign respect as a teacher (after earlier amatory adventures had necessitated temporary residence elsewhere). Tartini composed several violin concertos, several of which he recorded during his life. The most popular sonata of Tartini, regarded as the 'Devil's Trill,' is the product of a prophecy the Devil himself was performing. In L'arte del arco ('The Art of the Bow'), through the 38 variants on a motif from Corelli, Tartini's technological skill is confirmed. He introduced to the repertoire of the trio sonata and other instrumental composers of the time.

Viola Compositions of Giuseppe Tartini | Animato Strings


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