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Our collection of high-quality violins, priced at $5001 and up, is handcrafted by skilled luthiers using the finest materials. Renowned makers like Stradivarius, Guarneri, and Amati offer exceptional attention to detail and tonal clarity. These violins are perfect for advanced players and professionals. They are also aesthetically pleasing, with beautifully hand-carved details and high-quality varnishes. Investing in a high-quality violin significantly impacts your musical journey. Please browse our selection today to find the perfect violin to take your playing to the next level.

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Giuseppe Giacchetti 1933 Roma Violin

A violin labelled 'Giuseppe Giacchetti 1933 Roma'. However, the label has not been authenticated. This violin may be a copy of Giacchetti but the age is consistent with the appearance (1930's).

$11,363.64 Price

Old German Violin (G011)

Ref. G011

This is an Old German Violin made probably in Germany in the mid 19th century. Repaired professionally by Animato Strings and is now in very good playing condition.

$5,000.00 Price

Paul J. B. Chipot French 1926 Violin

Ref. F009

This is a French violin by Paul J. B. Chipot, made in 1926. Paul John Baptiste Chipot, the son of Chipot-Vuillaume, was a French luthier who established his own workshop in Vendome in 1923.

$7,000.00 Price

Paul Jean - Baptiste Chipot Violin Paris 1942 (F008)

Ref. F008

This is a Paul Jean- Baptiste Chipot Violin made in Paris in about 1942. Paul Jean Baptiste Chipot is a French luthier the son of Chipot-Vuillaume. He worked in many workshops in Mirecourt then moved to Vendome to start his own workshop. 

$9,000.00 Price

Hans Edler Munich Germany 1929 Violin (G12)

Ref. G012

We have a Hans Edler Munich Germany 1929 Violin in the Animato Strings shop. Hans Edler is a German luthier born in 1889 in Frankfurt Germany. A third generation violin maker in whom both his grandfather and his father are violin makers. 

$8,636.36 Price

Carl Ertl Presburg 1870 Violin

We have here a Carl Ertl violin Made in 1870 in Presburg, Hungary. Carl Ertl is a luthier from Presburg, Hungary whose instruments show the style and designs of Schweitzer and Leeb.

$8,000.00 Price


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