Carlo Steffani Violin Mantova, Italy 1711 (I003)

Carlo Steffani Violin Mantova, Italy 1711 (I003)


This is the Carlo Steffani Violin made in 1711 in Mantova, Italy. This is one of Animato Strings' largest selections of new and old instruments in Australia.

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Carlo Steffani, Montova Italy, 1711 Violin 

Carlo worked between 1760-1793 in Mantua Italy. He is a lute and mandolin maker who took a huge care in the external appearance of his work. This is one of many of Animato Strings' largest selections of new and old stringed instruments in Australia, including Asian-hand-made, European, U.S., Australian, and Antique stringed instruments. Added to the list are the original Animato String brands. (I2110031)

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