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Viola Bow with Ornate Horn Frog

Viola Bow with Ornate Horn Frog

• A lovely upgrade for a Higher-quality viola

• Beautiful Ornate Frog Design

• Affordable price

• Better sound and natural feel

$187.36Regular price $226.36 Price

Viola Pernambuco Bow On Special- Round Bow

Viola Pernambuco on Special - Round bow with Free Shipping

• High-quality Brazilian wood

• Cost-effective Pernambuco bow

• An excellent upgrade for standard bows

• Affordable Price

$211.82Regular price $281.82 Price

Bow - 6/6a Brazil Wood - Basic

Bow - 6/6a Brazil Wood - Basic Product Details:

• Selected brazil wood stick

• Octagon

• Ebony frog full lined

• Parisian eye

• Three-part button with an eye

• Metal blanc winding

$250.00 Price

Dorfler Viola Bow - 6a - Basic Brazilwood - Octagonal

Beginner’s model with massaranduba wood stick.

• Good brazilwood stick

• Octagonal (6 Round)

• Ebony frog with bottom slide and eye

• Three-part button

• Metal blanc winding

Animato Strings provides a guide in hand-selecting each bow to the exact criteria, including hair examination, bow’s camber, and the capacity of the bow to sound across different techniques.

$249.55 Price


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