Küchler, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Küchler began his career as the Basel Symphony Orchestra's principal violist in 1889 while also playing viola in a string quartet and later began teaching violin at the local music school. In 1898, Kuchler was hired as a violin teacher at Frankfurt's Hoch Conservatory, and he was also a member of the Heermann Quartet, which his former teacher-led. In 1910, Küchler returned to Basel. The following year, he became the director of a private music school and began conducting choral groups. He taught violin at the Landeskonservatorium der Musik zu Leipzig from 1927 to 1936. (State Conservatory of Leipzig). Küchler wrote violin technique textbooks and composed educational works for the violin, including several student concertos. Until the mid-1960s, his two-volume Course of Violin Instruction (published by Hug-Verlag, Zürich) was a staple of the violin instructional literature.   

Viola Compositions of Ferdinand Küchler | Animato Strings


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