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Bridge, Frank

Frank Bridge was an English composer and viola performer. He was one of the most famous musicians, particularly renowned for his music and chamber songs. Although he wrote in many genres, his smaller styles, including Phantasie Quartet (1910), four string quartets, and piano and songs, were incredibly successful. His early works were romantic in style, and later, he moved toward atonality.

Bridge showed interest in a more modernist style in the time leading up to the First World War. One particular example is the Dance Poem from 1913, indicating the influence of Stravinsky and Debussy. His experimentation took more subtle forms during the wartime – more often than not an impressionistic pastoralism – even though works such as the Two Poems for an Orchestra and many piano pieces indicate significant changes in his harmonic language, in particular a coloristic, practical implementation of harmony, and a preference for symmetrical harmonies, such as octatonic and whole tone.

Violin Compositions of Frank Bridge | Animato Strings


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