Wohlfahrt for Violin

Wohlfahrt, Foundation Studies For Violin Bk 1 (Fischer)

Renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine has updated the classic violin method with modernized fingerings, bowings, and dynamics. The new edition follows Aiqouni's pedagogical sequence and includes a DVD of Pine playing all 60 etudes from two camera views. It's a great resource for beginners and intermediate players.


• 60 First Position Studies from Opp. 45, 54, 74

• New Edition, Selected and Arranged in Progressive Order by K. H. Aiqouni

• DVD performance by Rachel Barton Pine

• Publisher Carl Fischer

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Wohlfahrt - Sixty Studies For The Violin Complete Books 1 & 2 (Schirmer)

The Wohlfahrt Op. 45 Studies are an essential part of violin practice and are widely used. Books 1 and 2 are popular in the Schirmer Library, and now the complete set is also available in a new publication. In the preface to this book, Franz Wohlfahrt promises that these studies will serve as a strong foundation for the technique of any player who aspires to become an artist, with studies addressing string crossing, bow strokes, shifting and finger patterns.

Difficulty Rating: A3 - A4 (Intermediate) 

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