Dominant Pro Violin Strings

Dominant Pro Violin Strings are renowned for their excellent sound quality and playability. These strings, made with a synthetic core, produce a warm, rich tone with excellent projection. They are highly responsive and easy to play, making them popular among professional violinists. With their superior quality and durability, Dominant Pro Violin Strings are an excellent investment for any serious musician.

Dominant Pro Violin Strings

Thomastik Infeld Dominant Pro Violin String Set

The Dominant Pro set DP100 enhances the iconic Dominant strings and adapts them to modern low-tensioned standards. Key features include:

• Focus, warmth, and projection

• Fast response for modern style

• Natural modulation possibilities

• Improved projection capacity

• More bell-like ringing sound

• Balanced brilliance with warmth and focus

• Quick response to bow impulses

• Can handle strong bow pressure

• Wide dynamic range for focused sound

• Rich sound colors at high volume.

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Dominant Pro Violin Tin Plated E String

The DOMINANT PRO® E-string NO.DP01 is a high-quality string that offers excellent sound and performance.

• Tin-plated string, carbon steel core

• Nickel layer for corrosion resistance

• Well-balanced brilliance and warmth

• Soft sound, no screeching effect

• Good radiance, projection, and bow pressure resistance

$15.00 Price

Dominant Pro Violin A string

DP02 DOMINANT PRO® A-string - high-quality, rich sound, responsive to bow pressure, metallic components.

• Tonal core and energy increased

• Excellent response, resistant to bow pressure

• Good balance of brilliance and warmth

• Broad and rich when used with NO.DP01 E-string

$35.41 Price

Dominant Pro Violin Silver D String

The DOMINANT PRO® NO.DP03A is a high-quality silver alloy string that produces refined bow noise, a brilliant sound, and excellent modulation capacity. It responds quickly to the bow and reduces wolf tones when paired with the new G-string, and it is comfortable to play with a supple feel under both hands.

• Silver-aluminum string combo

• Refined bow noise, strong sound colour

• Great modulation capacity

• Ideal for sustained sound and projection in halls

$54.50 Price

Dominant Pro Violin G String

The DOMINANT PRO® G-String NO.DP04 offers superior performance for musicians seeking high-quality strings.

• Less metallic, less bow noise, more direct response

• Fits most instruments, old and new

• Ideal for soloists, chamber musicians, and orchestras

• Resists bow pressure without straining the instrument

• Soft feel, high resistance, excellent sustain and radiance

$54.50 Price


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