Pachelbel, Johann

Pachelbel was an organist in Vienna, Stuttgart, and other cities after studying Altdorf and Regensburg's music. He was appointed organist at Nürnberg's St. Sebalduskirche in 1695 and remained there until his death. He also taught organ, and one of his students was Johann Christoph Bach, who led his younger brother Johann Sebastian Bach to play the keyboard for the first time. Pachelbel's music is all written in a contrapuntally simple style. His organ compositions demonstrate an understanding of Italian forms that can be traced back to Girolamo Frescobaldi and Johann Jakob Froberger. His chorale preludes are particularly noteworthy, as they contributed significantly to the establishment of Protestant northern Germany's chorale melodies in the more lyrical musical atmosphere of the Catholic south.   

Viola Compositions of Johann Pachelbel | Animato Strings


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