Humidifier for Violin

Humidifier for Violin

Humidifier For Violin And Viola

 Designed to replace moisture removed from an instrument's structure by climate and air conditioning.

• Helps prevent wood cracking

• Designed to replace moisture with vapour from an instrument

• Internal water retention material

• Precision vents for releasing the vapour

• Caps designed to keep Humitrons in position

• End plugs are sealed to prevent dripping

• Made in the USA by RDM

• Clips onto the F-hole.

$15.45 Price

Mud Dehumidifier- Microwavable

M.U.D. (Multi Utility Desiccant) is an exceptionally effective and reusable dehumidifier made from highly absorbent and unique European calcinated minerals.

• An exceptionally effective and reusable dehumidifier

• Made from highly absorbent European calcinated minerals

• Lasts longer 

• Removes more moisture from the air

• Built-in colour indicator

• Absorbs up to 75% of its weight in water for 60-90 days 

• Can be used repeatedly by reactivating in a Microwave Oven

$33.18 Price

D'addario Small Instrument Humidifier

D'Addario's Small Instrument Humidifier easily fits in smaller cases and releases moisture evenly and slowly to maintain the proper humidity level preventing cracks, warping, and shrinkage to your instrument.

• Small size fits in any case.

• Ideal for smaller acoustic bowed and woodwind instruments at the proper humidity level.

• Releases Moisture slowly and evenly

• Sponge-style humidifier

• Safe for all instruments

$22.68 Price


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