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Rossini, Gioachino

Gioachino Rossini was an Italian composer of the 19th century. He is widely recognized as "The Swan of Pesaro." His 39 operas were popular, even though he also wrote a variety of poems, poetry, piano, and sacred music. Before retirement from the major composition in his thirties, he set the benchmark for the comic and serious opera. The musical style of Rossini revolutionized the art form, opening the Italian opera's "Golden Century." The Barber of Seville, one of the most famous comedic operas of all time, is Rossini's best-known compositions. Also highly popular are the openings of the operas. The music of Rossini has undergone a revival in the past several decades, contributing to a fresh recognition and performances of his grave works. 

The aria forms, vocal style, and orchestration of Rossini were the standard templates for Italian opera until about 1850. With a significant number of fast-scale runs and trills in the upper register, Operas of Rossini are well recognized for their ornamental vocal form. At the time of Rossini, the tenor became the traditional voice form for romantic male leaders slowly. Rossini wrote several male roles for female voices since they came closer to the castrato sound, the voice form that in the 18th century dominated the Italian opera. At the time of Rossini, people never stopped chatting, which is why his overtures are designed to grab attention.

Double Bass Compositions of Gioachino Rossini | Animato Strings


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