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Paesold PA468 Violin Bow

Paesold PA468 Violin Bow Specifications:

• Size: 4/4

• Brand stamp - Roderich Paesold***

• Wood Stick: Pernambuco

• Frog: Ebony

• Wood quality: AAA+

• Shape: Round or Octagonal

• Tip: Mammoth

• Lapping: Navette Black

• Winding: Sterling Silver Wire

• Mounting Material: Sterling Silver

• Ornamentation: Parisian Eye

• Button: 3 Part with inlays

$2,700.00 Price

Paesold PA497 Violin Bows

Paesold PA497 Violin Bow Specifications:

• Flag Handmade in Germany.

• Outstanding Pernambuco

• Round

• Sterling silver mounted

• Ebony frog with Parisian eye

• 3-part button with goldfish inlay.

• Size: 4/4

• Brand stamp Roderich Paesold***

• Round or octagon Pernambuco stick 

• Two-part full-lined pure silver-mounted horn frog with Parisian eye 

• Pure silver capsule button

• Leather thumb grip 

• Pure silver wire wrapping.

$3,363.64 Price

Violin Bow by Christian Wilhelm Knopf

Violin Bow by Christian Wilhelm Knop Specifications:

• Length: 28.4 inches or 72.1cm.

• Weight: 59.0gr

• This bow was repaired on the handle

C. W. KNOPF violin bow offers someone an excellent opportunity to purchase an early German masterwork in perfect condition at a reasonable price.

$9,000.00 Price

Violin Bow by Grimm-Berlin

Violin Bow by Grimm-Berlin Specifications:

• Made around 1920 from Grimm’s workshop in Berlin

• Length: 29 inches, 73.7 cm. 

• Weight: 55.4 g

$2,000.00 Price

Violin Bow stamped Charotte Millot

Violin Bow stamped Charotte Millot Specifications:

• The round bow is made of high-quality Pernambuco. 

• It is a strong, straight bow with no visible cracks or repairs. 

• It is silver-nickel mounted. 

• Length: 29.4 inches or 74.7cm. Weight: 62.0 g.

$3,000.00 Price


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