Giazotto, Remo

Remo Giazotto was an Italian musicologist, critic, and composer is best known for his exhaustive collection of Tomaso Albinoni's compositions. He published Albinoni and other composers' biographies, including Antonio Vivaldi's. Giazotto worked for the Rivista musicale italiana as a music reviewer and publisher from 1932 to 1949 and was appointed co-editor of the Nuova rivista musicale italiana in 1967. He was a professor of music history at the University of Florence from 1957 to 1969, and he was elected to the Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia in 1962.

In 1949, Giazotto was named director of the Italian state broadcaster RAI's chamber music services, and in 1966, he was named director of the RAI's foreign programs, which are arranged by the European Broadcasting Union. He was also the secretary of the RAI's auditioning committee and the publisher of the organization's collection of composer biographies. Adalberto Giazotto, a physicist, was Giazotto's father. Giazotto is best known for his publication of Adagio in G minor, which he believed to have transcribed from an Albinoni sonata manuscript fragment he obtained from the Saxon State Library. He said that he had planned but not written the piece. He went on to rewrite the tale and declare it as his own initial work. The fragment has never been heard in public; Giazotto believed that it only included the bass line and that he held the rights to the piece.

Violin Compositions of Remo Giazotto | Animato Strings


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