Reger, Max

Johann Baptist Joseph Maximilian Reger was a German organist and teacher best known for his Baroque-style organ works; he was one of the last composers to inject fresh life into 19th-century musical practices. Reger was an undergraduate at the University of Weiden. He saw Die Meistersinger and Parsifal in Bayreuth in 1888, but his music's Wagnerian effect was brief. He studied piano, keyboard, and philosophy at Sondershausen and Wiesbaden from 1890 to 1893. Around this time, he encountered Busoni and Straube, the organist who introduced him to Reger's organ music. Despite opposition to his conventional approaches, he developed himself as a composer, pianist, and instructor in Munich by 1901. In 1907, he was named professor of composition at the Leipzig Conservatory and musical director at Leipzig University. In 1911, he was appointed conductor of the court orchestra in Meiningen.   

Viola Compositions of Max Reger | Animato Strings


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