Humidifier for Cello

Humidifier for Cello | Animato Strings

Humitron Cello Humidifier

The "Humitron" humidifier for Cello is highly effective in preventing wood cracking.

• Helps prevent wood cracking

• Designed to replace moisture from an instrument with vapour

• Internal water retention material

• Precision vents for releasing vapour

• Caps designed to keep Humitrons in position

• End plugs are sealed to prevent dripping

• Made in the USA by RDM

• Clips onto the F-hole.

$14.77 Price

Mud Dehumidifier- Microwavable

M.U.D. (Multi Utility Desiccant) is an exceptionally effective and reusable dehumidifier made from highly absorbent and unique European calcinated minerals.

• An exceptionally effective and reusable dehumidifier

• Made from highly absorbent European calcinated minerals

• Lasts longer 

• Removes more moisture from the air

• Built-in colour indicator

• Absorbs up to 75% of its weight in water for 60-90 days 

• Can be used repeatedly by reactivating in a Microwave Oven

$33.18 Price


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