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Fiddlers Ahoy! By Stephen Chin

This nautical-themed piece starts with violas and cellos evoking the swell of waves. The seconds create sea breeze sounds; the first violin plays the main theme energetically. Everyone gets a chance to participate, and the middle section featuring cellos is eerie. The suspenseful wait for the sea breezes to pick up again adds to the effect, and the piece ends with a fun and lively section.

For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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Two Traditional Folk Songs By Stephen Chin

Two contrasting works with enduring melodies. "Let All Mortal Flesh" is dynamic, from an old French folk song. The "Drunken Sailor" arrangement is a gem, highlighting all sections. A hit with younger musicians!

1. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent

2. Drunken Sailor

For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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Three Sixteenth Century Dances By Stephen Chin

This is an excellent intro to Early Music. Arbeau's second piece was later used in "Capriol Suite" by Peter Warlock. To add authenticity, improvise and add bass drum or tambour parts.

1. Bransle

2. Pavan

3. Ballo Furlano

For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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Three Baroque Classics By Stephen Chin

The musette is a small French bagpipe that gained popularity in Louis XIV's time. It has a consistent G note for beginners. The "Air" is a beautiful tune from Handel's opera "Rinaldo". The set ends with a jolly bourree by the prolific composer Georg Philipp Telemann.

1. Musette

2. Air

3. Bouree

For String Orchestra Grade 2

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Gypsy Airs By Stephen Chin

Pablo Sarasate (1844-1908) was a brilliant Spanish composer and violinist known for his expressive and technically challenging pieces like "The Carmen Fantasy" and "Zigeunerweisen". While retaining the original's virtuosity, this arrangement is accessible to younger musicians.

For String Orchestra Grade 2.

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Two Russian Classics by Stephen Chin

Introduce your students to Russian classical music with "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky. "Promenade" links various pieces, while "Danse Caracteristique" features harmonics, syncopated accompaniments, and chromatic scales.

1. Promenade (Mussorgsky)

2. Dance Caracteristique (Rebikov)

For String Orchestra level 2.5

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Allegro In G By Stephen Chin

Pleyel, Haydn's student, had exceptional musical talent. The Duet Opus 8 no. 2 is a delightful and accessible piece highlighting different parts of the ensemble, showcasing diverse musical techniques like spiccato quavers, slurred string crossings, and martel crotchets. It's a great starting point for those who want to appreciate Classical music.

This piece of music is intended for a string orchestra with a difficulty level of grade 3.

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Two Debussy Masterpieces By Stephen Chin

Debussy was inspired by mysticism and exotic items. He combined Gregorian chant with Eastern influences in "Funeral Urn" and showcased his unique style with "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair". Students will enjoy the challenging rhythms and harmonies in these works.

1. Funeral Urn

2. The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

For String Orchestra Grade 4

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Andante and Allegro Con Brio by Stephen Chin

Daniel Steibelt (1765-1823) composed elegant pieces that embody the Classical period's poise and vivacity. His piece includes an Andante section with beautiful melodies and an Allegro con brio section that presents a fun challenge for students. The E minor middle section highlights the first violins' talent and is perfect for String Orchestra Grade 2.

1. Andante

2. Allegro con brio

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Two Russian Folk Songs By Stephen Chin

"Two pieces, one idea: work hard, play hard. "The Volga Boatmen" has a shared melody and well-crafted counter-melodies. "Two Guitars" is fun and infectious, exploring spiccato quavers."

1. The Volga Boatmen

2. Two Guitars

For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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Five Renaissance Pieces by Stephen Chin

An excellent piece to introduce Early Music to students. Most rhythms are simple, with some quavers in the first violin part. Improvised percussion parts can be added for authenticity.

1. La Bergamesca

2. Schiralazula Marazula

3. Minni Amor

4. Dance

5. Il Canario

For String Orchestra Grade 1

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Two Renaissance Pieces By Stephen Chin

Martin Peerson's "The Fall of the Leafe" depicts a beautiful autumn day with descending notes. Susato's "Battle Pavan" was part of court entertainment and featured a call-and-response style.

1. The Fall of the Leafe

2. Battle Pavan

For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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