Andante and Allegro Con Brio by Stephen Chin

    Andante and Allegro Con Brio by Stephen Chin


    Daniel Steibelt (1765-1823) composed elegant pieces that embody the Classical period's poise and vivacity. His piece includes an Andante section with beautiful melodies and an Allegro con brio section that presents a fun challenge for students. The E minor middle section highlights the first violins' talent and is perfect for String Orchestra Grade 2.

    1. Andante

    2. Allegro con brio

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    Andante and Allegro Con Brio by Stephen Chin

    Daniel Steibelt (1765 - 1823), a brilliant and accomplished pianist from the 18th and 19th centuries, created a set of charming and elegant compositions that perfectly capture the poise and vivacity of Classical period music. The Andante section of the piece enables the strings to showcase their legato playing, which produces a beautiful and sonorous melody. The Allegro con brio section presents a fun challenge for students as they lift their bows and play the lively crotchet-minim theme. The E minor middle section is an excellent opportunity for the first violins to display their talent and dexterity, as the melodic line is effectively shared throughout. This piece is perfect for String Orchestra Grade 2 and is a beautiful addition to any repertoire.

    1. Andante

    2. Allegro con brio

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