The Bells of Ghengis Khan by Stephen Chin

    The Bells of Ghengis Khan by Stephen Chin


    Genghis Khan, a feared warrior, and his soldiers ride through Mongolia into China. The piece's driving rhythms and accented chords create an atmosphere of strength and awe in battle. A gentler middle section uses the pentatonic scale, perhaps as Khan rests. The work concludes with a surge of energy as he moves towards his next battle.

    For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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    The Bells of Ghengis Khan by Stephen Chin

    Genghis Khan, the great conqueror of the Mongol Empire, strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies as he and his warriors gallop across the vast plains of Mongolia and into China. This musical composition brings his story to life with driving rhythms that mirror the pounding of hooves, parallel fifths that echo the clash of weapons, and heavily accented chords that evoke the atmosphere of an intense battle. 

    As the piece transitions to the middle section, the music softens, and the pentatonic scale is used to convey a gentler side to this imposing figure. Perhaps this is a portrayal of Genghis Khan as he rests in his tent after a long day of fighting, reflecting on the events of the day. 

    But the calm doesn't last long as the music builds again, and the energy surges forward once more. Genghis Khan is on the move, ferociously leading his troops towards their next battle.

    For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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