Lux Angelis By Stephen Chin

    Lux Angelis By Stephen Chin


    Lux Angelis is an advanced string orchestra piece with optional grade 1 and 2 strings, keyboard, and percussion. It represents light pervading the universe through harmonics and suspended chords. The seventh interval symbolizes the seven days of creation, while the two sections portray the challenges of dark forces. The piece ends with a chorus of angels bathed in light, symbolizing light's resilience.

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    Lux Angelis By Stephen Chin

    Lux Angelis is a majestic and captivating string orchestra composition showcasing the beauty of music. The piece is expertly crafted to be played with grade 1 and grade 2 strings, keyboard, and percussion, making it an accessible yet complex work. The theme of light permeates the entire composition, both in its physical and personal aspects. The use of suspended chords and harmonics creates a unique and ethereal atmosphere that transports the listener to another world. The presence of the seventh interval throughout the piece is a nod to the concept of creation taking seven days. The composition also features two interjecting sections that add a rhythmic drive and a sense of dissonance, representing the challenges that dark forces can present in our lives. Despite these challenges, the composer's message is hope and resilience, as light will always endure and prevail. The piece ends with a heavenly chorus of angels, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness.

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