Two Tiny Tangos for String Orchestra by Stephen Chin (Grade 2.5)

    Two Tiny Tangos for String Orchestra by Stephen Chin (Grade 2.5)


    These two South American-inspired tangos feature chromatic scales, harmonics, syncopated rhythms, and a range of textures. The main tunes and accompaniments are easy to play and share within the ensemble. Cello plays a high A.

    Featuring Tango del Tucan and Tango de Tijuana

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    Two Tiny Tangos for String Orchestra by Stephen Chin (Grade 2.5)

    These two tangos are a beautiful tribute to the rich and vibrant music of South America. They are filled with intricate chromatic scales, harmonics, and syncopated rhythms that create a lively and energetic atmosphere. The range of textures is delightful, with each instrument contributing to the overall sound in a unique way. The main tunes and accompaniments are designed to be shared within the ensemble, making them easy to play and perfect for collaborative performances. The cello plays a high A, adding a touch of elegance and depth to the music.

    Featuring Tango del Tucan and Tango de Tijuana

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