Divertimento By Mozart Arr. Stephen Chin

    Divertimento By Mozart Arr. Stephen Chin


    Originally written for wind ensemble and later arranged for pianoforte, these charming movements have been carefully placed to give the sense of a fully integrated work. Some elements of this work are similar in vein to Mozart's famous "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." Advanced intermediate players will enjoy the challenges of spiccato quavers, martele crotchets, measured tremolo, and lifted upbows, which are a must for developing precision and clarity in a more advanced string ensemble.

    For String Orchestra Grade 3

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    Divertimento By Mozart Arr. Stephen Chin

    Originally composed for wind ensemble and later adapted for pianoforte, these delightful movements have been meticulously arranged to create a coherent and seamless work of art. The composer has skillfully incorporated elements that are reminiscent of Mozart's famous "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik," which was written several years later. The music requires a high level of proficiency from intermediate players, who will be challenged by intricate techniques such as spiccato quavers, martele crotchets, measured tremolo, and lifted upbows. These techniques are essential for developing precision and clarity in a more advanced string ensemble. Overall, this composition is a beautiful and engaging piece that will captivate both performers and audiences alike.

    For String Orchestra Grade 3

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