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Butterworth, Arthur

The composer Arthur Butterworth, who died at 91 years of age, began his musical career with the Scottish (now Royal Scottish National) and Hallé orchestras. However, he gave up playing actively in his late 30s to concentrate on conducting, instrumental instruction, and, mainly, composition. Around the same period, he relocated to North Yorkshire, where he stayed for 50 years, becoming actively interested in local musical life and other things that were important to him, including blood sports lobbying.

Butterworth has composed more than 150 works and has been attracted to conventional styles, writing seven symphonies, violin, viola, cello, guitar, bassoon, trumpet, and organ concertos. The two piano trios are outstanding among his chamber pieces, and that there are sonatas for instruments with a limited repertoire, including double bass, saxhorn, and heckelphone.

Viola Compositions of Arthur Butterworth | Animato Strings


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