Cello Tailpiece and Nylon

Fine Tuner For Cello

Wittner fine tuners help achieve pinpoint accuracy when tuning your cello. They're an essential accessory for many string players, making tuning easier, especially for students. To use fine tuners, adjust tuning with the pegs, then fine-tune with the Wittner fine tuners. The Stable-style fine tuner connects steel and synthetic strings using two prongs and attaches to the tailpiece of your cello. Get Wittner fine-tuners by contacting your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for convenience and accuracy.

• High-quality fine tuners 

• Installs easily

• Made from durable materials 

• Simplifies precise adjustments for your cello strings

• Work with both loop and ball end for gut or steel strings

$8.14 Price

Cello String Adjuster-Chrome By Wittner

"The Wittner Cello String Adjuster" is a premium quality precision fine tuner made in Germany. It is one of the top-quality products from Wittner, which is one of our favourite music brands. Wittner's equipment is always reliable, and this string adjuster is no exception. It is easy to install and provides precise string adjustment without causing unnecessary movement.

String adjusters come in several different styles and provide fine-tuning pitch adjustments.

$15.41 Price

Integrated Cello Tail Piece- Wittner Ultra Light

The Wittner Ultra Cello tailpiece is crafted from a high-tech composite material, which makes it both strong and lightweight. It features four integrated adjusters and is widely used in cello education, helping students fine-tune their strings. The tailpiece is made of hypoallergenic synthetic material, perfect for replacing old or broken tailpieces on student instruments. Additionally, it comes with a nylon tailgut (tailon).

• Perfect for replacing old or broken tailpieces

• Four integral adjusters make fine tuning easy

• Made of hypoallergenic synthetic material

• Easy to fit with the tailon supplied.

• Also available for Violin and Viola

• Made in Germany

$55.45 Price

Cello 4/4 Size Rosewood Tail Piece

Crafted from carefully chosen exotic hardwood, these pre-shaped pieces are all set for being finally installed on the instrument. They are made from the highest quality rosewood, solid and lightweight. These pieces are perfect as a replacement for any vintage instrument or use on a newly built one.

$45.41 Price

ZMT Cello Tail Piece

ZMT Cello Tail Piece Features:

• Enhanced Sound Production

• Broader overtone spectrum

• Faster and clearer response from your instrument

• Wider dynamic range

• Reduced wolf tones

ZMT Cello Tail PieceThe package includes a ZMT Tailpiece, a Kevlar tailgut, Specialized ZMT Fine tuners, and string saddles (for strings without fine tuners)

Strings for ZMT tailpieces are available on special order. Please be aware that they may take a little longer to arrive than other strings.

$235.45 Price


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