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Bach, Johann Sebastian

Johann Sebastian Bach, also known as "The Old Wig," was a renowned German composer of the Baroque period. Under his father Johann Ambrosius' instruction, Bach started his musical career in playing violin and harpsichord. Johann Christoph Bach, his uncle, trained him on how to play the organ. Bach was a very successful student and was quickly able to play these instruments exceptionally. The Six Solo Cello Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach are among the most famous classical works of music. Cellists and spectators, and other artistic formations were influenced and even used the cello suites in ballet and theater performances, including films. Bach wrote 295 cantatas while serving as Thomaskantor of St. Thomas School. He also composed various instrumental music concerti for harpsichord, violin and orchestra, and orchestra, including the famous "Brandenburg" set.

Bach, Johann Sebastian


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