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Styrofoam cases offer affordable protection to your Violin.  They are often the standard case that comes with the Violin outfit.

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Animato Styrofoam Shaped Violin Cases

Animato Styrofoam-Shaped Violin Cases

Arco sizes (Size Body length Body Width):

• 4/4 14"/356mm 8.2"/207mm

• 3/4 13"/330mm 7.7"/195mm

• 1/2 12"/305mm 7.1"/179mm

• 1/4 11"/278mm 6.3"/160mm

• 1/8 9.9"/252mm 5.9"/151mm

$71.82 Price

FPS Hard Shell Violin Case

FPS Hard Shell Violin Case 

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• Shaped wood ply shell

• Navy blue weather-resistant case cover

• Adjustable backpack-style straps

• Large external accessories pocket and side handle

$104.55 Price

HQ Polycarbonate Violin Oblong Case

HQ Polycarbonate Violin Oblong Case

• Weighs only 2.5kg with an empty music bag and 2.3kg without the bag or straps

• Made of a strong, lightweight laminate consisting of PC film/ABC board/PVC foam/flannel interior

• Padded shoulder straps with heavy-duty clips and extra wire security loop system

• Quality combination locks can be removed with the Allen key

• Includes external music bag which can be unscrewed

• External Dimensions: 78 x 24.5 x 11.5cm 

$377.27 Price

HQ Half Moon Violin Cases

HQ Half Moon Violin Cases 

• Adjustable heel supports 

• Removable external music pouch

• Two bow holders

• Combination locks

• Padded shoulder straps

$359.09 Price

Green Oblong Violin 4/4 Case

Green Oblong Violin 4/4 Case

• Hygrometer 

• Large music sheet pocket on top of this case 

• Large-size storage compartments for rosin

• Shoulder straps 

• Hand-carry handles (side or top)

• Quality material was used throughout the case. 

• Grass-green interior.

$144.55 Price

Oblong Maroon Color interior 4/4 violin case

Oblong Maroon Interior 4/4 Violin Case

• Large-size storage compartments for rosin

• Hand-carry handles 

• Quality material was used throughout the case. 

• Maroon interior

• Four Bow Holders

• One Matching Blanket

$202.82Regular price $271.82 Price

Phoenix Performer Violin Case

Phoenix Performer Violin Case

• Keeps the violin 'suspended' and well-cushioned

• Built-in hygrometer 

• Straps for easy carrying

• Overlapping rims for rain protection

• Space for holding two bows

• Compartments for shoulder rest and rosin

$223.64Regular price $253.64 Price


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