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Bartók, Béla

Not only for his works but for his contribution to the field of ethnomusicology that Bartok was notable. To capture traditional music from particular regions in Eastern Europe, he invested much time and resources traveling into the countryside. When Bartok gradually integrated the scales and dynamics he learned in the countryside into his concert music, his analysis of these folk practices profoundly shaped his composition. While both Schoenberg and Stravinsky inspired him, and like them, the war in Europe compelled him to relocate to the United States, he claimed that his music stayed tonal. This will, of course, be tonality in a loose context since he mostly used scales drawn from folk idioms to construct his music instead of the major and minor scales in tonal music. Nonetheless, we hear a combination of modernist dissonance and nationalist components in Bartok's songs.

Viola Compositions of Béla Bartók | Animato Strings


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