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Old German Violin (G011)

Ref. G011

This is an Old German Violin made probably in Germany in the mid 19th century. Repaired professionally by Animato Strings and is now in very good playing condition.

$5,000.00 Price

Hans Edler Munich Germany 1929 Violin (G12)

Ref. G012

We have a Hans Edler Munich Germany 1929 Violin in the Animato Strings shop. Hans Edler is a German luthier born in 1889 in Frankfurt Germany. A third generation violin maker in whom both his grandfather and his father are violin makers. 

$8,636.36 Price

Mezzo-forte Carbon Fiber Violin

Mezzoforte carbon fibre violins are carefully assembled by an expert luthier in the Mezzoforte workshop in Germany and undergo rigorous testing before being sold.

• Amazing projection

• Striking dark appearance

• Warm and Brilliant sound

• Strong and stable carbon fibre material

• Comfortable playability even in higher positions

$4,154.55 Price

German Violin - Hagen Weise Model 120

This violin, in particular, offers beautiful tonal control and just the right amount of warmth. It is a well-projected violin that is clean and balanced across the strings.

• Ebony pegs and fingerboard 

• Wittner tailpiece with fine adjusters in-built 

• Fitted with Larsen 'Tzigane' strings (or your choice from our wide selection) 

• Inlaid purfling 

• Carefully selected high-quality tonewoods 

• High-quality, individually styled antique finish

$3,631.82 Price

Strad Violin Copy German c 1890

This is a Strad Violin Copy made in Germany around the year 1890. Antonio Stradivari is a renowned Italian violin maker who was said to have brought the craft of violin-making into its highest pitch of perfection.

$2,500.00 Price

Stainer 4/4 Violin Germany

Ref. G005

This is the Stainer 4/4 Violin Made in Germany. Jacob Stainer was an Austrian luthier whose violins are being sought after by famous composers and musicians like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, and George Somon-Lohein. He was the only non-Italian violin maker to rank as the top luthier in his time before Stradivari.  

$1,813.64 Price

Eduard Tauscher Violin c 1900 Erlbach Markneukirchen

This is an Eduard Tauscher Violin made in Erlbach, Markneukirchen Germany in around 1920. Eduard Tauscher is a German luthier who by obtaining top-quality tonewoods from various sources manages to produce high-quality instruments with warm, mature, and balanced sound full of character and volume.

$3,500.00 Price

German Violin c 1900

This violin was made in Germany around 1900. This is one of Animato Strings' largest selections of new and old instruments in Australia including Asian-handcrafted instruments, new European instruments, and a wide range of antique stringed instruments such this 100 year old German Violin.

$1,813.64 Price


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