Mutes for Double Bass

Mutes for Double Bass

Practice Mute For Double Bass

This rubber mute is perfect for bassists who want to practice without disturbing others. It's great for all players, beginners and experts alike.

• This bass mute has a claw-style design

• Putting it on the bridge of your cello is an easy process.

• Produces better tone quality than metal practice mutes

• Five prong attachments secure to bridge between strings

• Wedges securely over the entire top section of the bridge

• The soft surface will not cause any damage to your instrument.

• Moulded from dense, flexible, durable, and high-quality rubber.

• Produces medium to high muting effect for your bass while giving it a pleasant and mellow sound.

$15.41 Price

Double Bass Mute

This is a commonly used Tourte mute design that can be easily attached to a double bass.

• For orchestral and chamber music performances

• Fits all sizes of Double Bass

• Attaches quickly and easily

• Stays on the bass when not in use

• Designed to alter the timbre of your double bass’s sound.

$14.50 Price

Kapaier Wolf Tone Eliminator For Double Bass

The Kapaier Wolf Tone Eliminator for Double Bass is expertly crafted from high-quality polished pure brass, ensuring extreme hardness and robust corrosion resistance. 

• Crafted from high-quality brass and features a polished finish.

• Suspended on the string, easy to use, good balance.

• Designed to eliminate a bothersome wolf note through intricate workmanship.

• This product is lightweight and sturdy, making it simple to transport and use without causing damage to bridges or instruments.

• Install the product by threading the string through the wolf eliminator hole. Adjust and tighten to the desired position. Quick and easy process.

This Wolf Tone Eliminator can be installed on the D, G or C String.

$36.32 Price


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